ripOLE is a small program/library designed to pull out attachments from OLE2 data files (ie, MS Office documents). ripOLE is BSD licenced meaning that commercial projects can also use the code without worry of licence costs or legal liabilities.


  • Currently ripOLE is in a development phase, though it already does extract files from Microsoft Office documents. What ultimately ripOLE should be able to do is convert any embedded content in MS Office files back into its original format (JPEG, arbitary files, movies etc).
  • Specifically, right now we need people to test this program with their own .doc files ( even .xls files and .ppt are worth trying, as they're OLE2 files as well ) and report back to us with any which don't extract as expected.

Platform Support

  • Currently being developed on Slackware Linux 10.2, though should be able to be built on almost any x86 platform - there may be some endian issues with non x86 hardware ( anyone want to test? ).


Example run...

bash-2.05a$ ./ripole -i xam-doc1.doc -v -d tmp
Decoding filename=short-XAMIME.dat
Decoding filename=mp71.exe
Decoding filename=MPSetup.exe


  • Got a question? email me at 'pldaniels at pldaniels dot com'