Welcome to ReplaceIt.

18/08/2001 - ReplaceIt released
After a few short hours of development and minor refinement, ReplaceIt has been released to the public. Infact, the time taken to put up this WWW site is actually greater than that taken to write ReplaceIt itself.

ReplaceIt was written as a quick, light and effective replacement to the combination of sed/awk/grep/head/tail and other such shell utilities, as well as being quicker in startup (at least) than an equivilant Perl solution.

ReplaceIt has various rules which can be used to enhance its abilities when negotiating tricky sections of text, whilst searching for the right one to replace, these include [ on same line ] string inclusion dependence, exclusion dependence, pre-existance, post-existance.

NOTE- ReplaceIt is a line-by-line file parser, so, it cannot (at this point) process across multiple \n[\r] terminated lines.

Sendmail Content Control - Xamime
18/08/2001 - 01H08 - v1.0.0 Release ReplaceIt to the public.

ReplaceIt has been written as part of the XaMime project.



If you have any queries, questions, suggestions, abuse (??) or money you wish to send, the please feel free to do so at the following email address pldaniels@pldaniels.com

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