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Why reinvent the wheel?

Actually, we're not trying to reinvent the wheel here, rather adapt it to suit a slightly different purpose. A lot of people will question why a new file-type detection system has been started up when there's a very good one already in existance, known simple as 'file'. We're not trying to supplant 'file', rather, we're offering our own internal filetype detection engine for other coders who wish to have a simple to use C module ( currently ) which works without drama.

Below are a few main points and reasons as to why we've created filetype:

  • file does not work so well for loosely defined filetypes ( ie, vCards )
  • file uses a text-based type database which can impose unwanted delays in frequently invoked processes
  • file does not have a heirachial type tree (ie, executable->MSDOS->EXE )
  • file is not designed to be incorporated at a source level into existing projects
  • Simpler and broader type detection engine ( 'file' is very good at pulling out every detail about a file, ie, the resolution of an image, however we do not wish to seek out such fine details )